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The Antimatter Boutique [digital]


This is the digital version of our release The Antimatter Boutique. It is a collection of works we have done for others and others have done to us.

This offer contains:

-Elastic Tongue
-Hvar eru peningarnir mínir (GusGus Moneymaster remix)
-Crackers (PlúsEinn remix)
-Untouchable Innocence Still Amazes (remix for Björk)
-Nekrophilologie_ feat. Bob Logg III (poem by Dieter Roth)
-Northern Lights (Hairdoctor remix)
-Don't Push Me (Gluteus Maximus remix)
-Not Clean (GusGus _Cods in Wars_ remix)
-Dreamland (MRC Riddims _Irresistible_ remix)
-(But) Can We Fry Our (Bloody) Eyes Here_ with Soley
-Strangely Shaped (NLO remix)
-Dark In Here (Captain Fufanu remix)
-Bursting (Futuregrapher remix)
-In Deep - End Dance (remix for Björk)
-Codomatopoeia (Ghostigital_Kimono mash-up)
-Transatlantic with Finnbogi Petursson & Skúli Sverrisson
-Aria (remake of Magnus Blöndal Johannsson for Asa Juniusdottir)
-The Antimatter Boutique- digital booklet

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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