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Division of Culture & Tourism [vinyl+download]


Every record is a piece of Art! And Ghostigital decided to take this idea further by commissioning artist Mundi Vondi to create a unique piece of art for each and every record. Ghostigital are releasing Division of Culture & Tourism as a very limited and numbered art edition and vinyl LP. Mundi Vondi has created 300 individual art works, which are lazercut by The Makery. This way no record will be the same. Just unique, just like Ghostigital's music. All copies are autographed by ghostigital.

This offer contains:

-Don't Push Me feat. Sensational & Nick Zinner
-Dark in Here
-Dreamland feat. David Byrne
-Hovering Hoover Skates
-Scary Scary with Alan Vega
-Road Rage
-Division of Culture & Tourism [vinyl]

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)

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