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Division of Culture & Tourism [digital]


“I’m in the process of thinking nothing.” – Einar Örn, Numb Besides being a musical doctor of all things odd, Ghostigital front man Einar Örn has a day job as a Reykjavik city councillor which informs the title of their newest, Division of Culture and Tourism, or not. On this release, he sings as if country-western music legend Bob Wills returned as a hellish punk wailer and began co-fronting industrial band Throbbing Gristle. Contradicting former Talking Heads front man David Byrne on the aural nerd battle “Dreamland” (“Spaceland!”, sings Einar), the listener can recall the late ‘80s art wave in music when the likes of Byrne and Laurie Anderson were at full bloom, when thinking processes were done on the dance floor. Bringing much more than new wave nostalgia however, Ghostigital performs on their new collection like they’ve found the wormhole from that time to ours. Enlisting a potpourri of “cultural tourists” including rappers (Dälek, Sensational, King Buzzo), art punks (Byrne, Alan Vega from seminal 80’s band Suicide) an alt-rock sideman (Nick Zinner from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and a brit pop maestro (Damon Albarn), Einar Örn and his producer partner Curver weave a sonic fabric that feels familiar yet part of today’s experimental industrial avant-garde. Ghostigital throws the mix forward, hoping the medicinal sonic soup will heal the listener from boredom and apathy, or at least make them boogie. Division of Culture and Tourism is Ghostigital's 3rd studio album. The album was recorded in various states in the USA and in B109 in Reykjavik. It was mixed by Alap Momin in New Jersey

This offer contains:

-Dark in Here
-Don't Push Me feat. Sensational & Nick Zinner
-Dreamland feat. David Byrne
-Hovering Hoover Skates
-Scary Scary with Alan Vega
-Road Rage

Audio Format Options:
-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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